Posted on March 30, 2011

Oh beautiful Sara!  I have truly enjoyed getting to know you over this last year and appreciate all of the help you have given in helping me get my name out.  When I first contacted you via Facebook private message, I probably seemed like some sort of crazy stalker. Really though, I was a photographer who was moving to Utah–a place 14 hrs from home–desperate to plant some roots and hit the ground running.  My poor heart itched to take photos.  It was especially itchy since this was me, taking on photography full time.  I didn’t have another full time job to keep me busy! Thankfully you had a kind heart, read my message, and agreed to be my first ever senior rep.  Thanks for giving me a chance and helping spread the word!

I wish you oodles and oodles of luck in your very bright future.  Arizona?? Volleyball?? Or is it basketball?? Whatever it is and wherever you go, I am sure you will be a star!  If you need me to send out a few Facebook private messages to help get the word out that you are moving to the new area, I’d gladly do so!  Kidding!  XO


P.S. Sorry it took me months to post these!  Busy busy!

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