Posted on April 5, 2011

So tiny, so soft, so sweet.  That is all really.  Need I explain more?

Fabulous headband and diaper cover matching set made by Smoochie Couture.  Find her by clicking here on Facebook!

Posted on November 2, 2010

What a doll…and a ham!  I loved shooting this little babe!  She stole my heart the moment she walked in my door!  I still cannot get over how stinkin cute she is!  And her mamma Sam had some awesome outfits and accessories picked for her!  I was in baby girl heaven!  I want one just like her please…maybe with curly hair…then we’ll call it good! 

Thanks so much Acacia for making my day!  Even at 10 months, you still have one of the best personalities I’ve ever known!

A mini  Audrey Hepburn!  Such a cutie patootie!

This little owl hat was made for me by Amber Goddard.  Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

Posted on September 29, 2010


Cute!!!  That’s all I can say!  When I first saw Noah all I could do was smile!  He had the cutest outfit!  Seriously…little boy skinny jeans and converse style shoes!  Not to mention the plaid shirt!  I’ve bought about 6 already for my–no wait 7–wardrobe!  He was such a happy guy and so active!  All boy thats for sure! 

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