Hey there! I'm Amy. I am a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Sioux City, Iowa and Salt Lake City, UT. I love to travel and am available to photograph your wedding anywhere in the world! In all honestly, I truly believe that I have the raddest brides and grooms! I am inspired by true love and real moments more than anything. If you are too, then we are a perfect match and I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. Please email me amy@amycloudphotography.com or call 801-205-8442 for availablity rate info.

First off, just to set things straight, Gomez’s real name is Matt.  But to me he is Gomez.  I have known him as that name for almost 12 years.  He was one of the first people I met in college. Like the first day.  P.S.  I just dated myself 😉  He came to Iowa (where I grew up) from Utah to play baseball at our university.  The same as my husband Tony (except 2 years later).  We instantly became friends and and I loved watching him play college ball.  Graduation happened and we both moved away from Iowa but we kept in touch through Facebook.  Then Tony and I moved to Utah and we reconnected about a year ago.  When Gomez introduced me to Sara, we clicked right away.  Talk about one of the friendliest people ever.  I just love this girl! And how could one not love their beautiful babe Wrigley.  She is the prettiest Golden Retriever and so lovable.

I’ll admit I super nervous to take these guys’ photos.  The pressure always seems a little bit more when it’s your friends.  At least for me.  It was such an easy session though.  We laughed.. a TON.  I seriously love how these turned out.  Cannot wait for Sara’s bridals and their wedding!  Love you guys!

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