Hey there! I'm Amy. I am a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Sioux City, Iowa and Salt Lake City, UT. I love to travel and am available to photograph your wedding anywhere in the world! In all honestly, I truly believe that I have the raddest brides and grooms! I am inspired by true love and real moments more than anything. If you are too, then we are a perfect match and I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. Please email me amy@amycloudphotography.com or call 801-205-8442 for availablity rate info.

R + K : A 90’s Kind Of Love

Posted on January 12, 2017

Would you believe me when I tell you
you are the queen of my heart
-Love Buzz, Nirvana

Makeup by T’Ann Payne Makeup Artistry 
Hair by Hair Design by Ericka Dowsett 

001Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 002Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 003Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 004Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 005Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer013Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 006Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 007Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 014Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer008Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 009Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 010Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 011Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer 012Amy Cloud Photography Alternative Wedding Photographer

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Mrs. B : Sioux City Boudoir Photographer

Posted on December 28, 2016

This sexy little wifey did a boudoir shoot to give to her husband on their wedding day. I think she ended up loving the photos just as much as he did!

Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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Let’s get married in the morning darling..

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I really have no words for how simple yet beautiful this mountain elopement was. I only wish that I would have had a wedding like this for myself but I’ll relish in the face that maybe I’ll book many more clients just like this. The free spirited who want to run away to the mountains and just elope!
Dress: Gateway Bridal
Flowers:  The Potted Pansy
Makeup: T’Ann Payne
Hair: Ericka Dowsett
Grooms attire: Nordstrom / Target
Location: Utah Mountains

Utah Elopement Photographer // Sioux City Iowa Wedding Photographer

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