Posted on August 18, 2012

This is Anna.  I cannot believe that she is a senior in high school.  And almost 18.  Life flies by us so fast.  I remember her at age 2 like it was yesterday.  And now she is a beautiful young woman.  An adult.  Someone who’s able to make her own choices.  On the brink of paying her own bills and having her own place.  Who will set her own curfew.  Go wherever she wants.  Do whatever she wants.  Make her own goals and plans and follow dreams she has dreamt of for quite some time.  Her future is bright.  She is going somewhere..

Posted on August 16, 2012


So this beauty was a dream in front of my camera!  Everything about her session was perfect!  The location, the clothes (OOOOHHH the clothes), her gorgeous long hair, her lips (hello–I wish I had lips that pretty), and her ability to relax and pick up each pose and placement like it were no big deal.  Plus she is super sweet and just all around easy to work with!

I seriously love shooting high school senior girls!  So excited about their futures and ready to move on to the adult world.  I remember that time in my life and having awesome senior photos was so important to me!  I strive to make every session different and unique and Tyler totally made that part of my job easy!  Thanks so much girl!  I had a blast!

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Posted on April 9, 2012

I had an absolute blast shooting Rhiannon! Such a doll and such a natural in front of the camera! I was dying over her outfit choices! Hellooooo– bright color skinny jeans, animal print, and tube top dresses are so up my alley! We went to 2 locations I’ve been dying to go to. One I had to wait until I got permission and the other is the famous waterfall we’ve all heard of up Consumers. In my 2+ years of being in Utah, this was my first time to make the trip. It was a long and bumpy ride but so worth it!

Thank you so much for choosing me to shoot your senior photos Rhiannon! It was truly a pleasure! Oh, and I feel absolutely horrible about you stepping on the nail! I heard that you were strong through the tetanus shot! Beautiful and tough! Great combo girl! Wishing you all the luck next year at Mesa State! You are going to make a fabulous teacher one day!


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