Posted on July 26, 2016

I cannot believe I’ll be headed back to Paris in less than a week to teach again!! I feel like I was just there yesterday! I also can’t believe I’m just now getting around to sharing these! Better late than never!! We hit up the Eiffel Tower, fell in love with the sweetest bull dog, and feasted on crepes from a cart all in one morning! I am so giddy thinking about being back in this exact same place next week!

If you’d like to follow all of my adventures while in Paris in the upcoming weeks, follow me on Instagram @amycloudphoto It’s going to be a blast!

Au revoir!!

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Posted on August 18, 2014

I styled this unconventional Utah wedding inspiration shoot a few months back and have finally gotten around to sharing it on my blog.  I wanted everything about this sessions to be anything but your typical cookie-cutter wedding.  I knew I needed to play this session around the perfect dress and when I found this gem, my heart did a summersault.  The team of vendors on board with me totally hit the nail on the head in every aspect.  I could have died over the black cake and the amazing flower garland.  The yellow lock in Shaylee’s hair was one of my favorite details and I loved Phil’s outfit that he himself actually put together after I gave him input on what I was after.

Perfection I tell you!  Thank you everyone for giving me your time and creativity.  I couldn’t have brought all this together without you.


Hair & Makeup:  Makeup By Morgan
Flowers:  E-Flowers
Cake: Sara Elizabeth Custom Cakes and Sweets
Invitations: Amy Cloud Photography
Styling: Amy Cloud Photography

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Posted on June 16, 2014

Happy Monday! Today is the day I kick back and have a relaxed day.  Today is my Sunday. Today is the day I schedule out posts for the week on my Facebook page and get caught up on emails.  I dedicate this day to cleaning house and making a yummy dinner.  While sitting this morning with my cup of coffee I reflected on the past year and where it has brought me.  I have always loved my job and have felt very fortunate getting to do what I love.  But this year it’s different.  This year everything I’m doing feels so right.. like I’ve finally found my way.  I worked my ass off last year to get to where I’m going.  And although I still am not there all the way and have lots of work left to do, I feel like after 6 years I finally have it figured out.  “IT”?  You might ask.  I can’t really explain it.  It’s actually a whole entire culmination of things.  One of the big parts of it is shooting what I want.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love all aspects of photography, but my heart truly lies with couples and love stories.  75% of my business is now shooting just that.  YES!

Another big part of it was being comfortable in my own skin and having confidence.  I was not a confident person growing up.  After high school I would have little glimpses of the confidant woman I wanted to be, but not until recently did I truly feel like I’m 100% there.  In the last year I have put myself out there.  I have made it a point to have a voice in the thousands of photographers in my area.  Am I well known? Probably not. But do I feel respected by a small little chunk? Yes.  I love helping others and being someone people can come to with questions or look up to.  I have organized shoots and dinners and as much as it scared me to walk up and introduce myself to someone, I faked it until I made it.  And let me just say.. I MADE IT.  I’m not scared anymore and I don’t really worry about what others think.  I just be me, even when that means tripping and falling on the way over to shake your hand.  I like me and I feel like a major badass.  Is that me being cocky? No I’m being confidant.  I encourage everyone to try and find their inner B.A.

So while I was thinking this morning, a little phrase came to my mind that I’ve had quite a few people say to me in the last month and a half.  I feel like I can now adopt this as my little mantra.  As my own motivational pep talk to repeat over and over to myself on the way to shoots or when I’m feeling down about something.  Two simple little words.. “Killin’ It”.  The most recent person to say anything was my sweet friend Nat who’s also a photographer.  As we were parting ways a couple of weeks ago, she gave me a big hug to say goodbye and said, “Amy, you’re killin’ it!”  Best compliment ever! So yes, I’ve decided to make this part of me, and you’ll be seeing these two little words a lot in the coming weeks.

So much babbling right? I just felt like I had to put this positive energy out there and some how inspire others.  I have methods and things that I did that allowed me to get to where I want.  Its a whole mess of things but it’s worked for me.  Feel free to email me if you need a pep talk!  Now go out there and find your inner bad ass!






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