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Marlee : Utah Boudoir Photographer

Posted on August 13, 2014

This shoot is definitely in my top 5 for most favorite ever.  Everything was perfect.  When Marlee and I first started talking about this boudoir shoot, she had mentioned wanting something fun with harsh light.  My first thought went to this parking ramp that I’d shot at before.  Not only would there be harsh light on top but throughout the stairwells and secret nooks and crannies.  This is where I dreamed up this almost “flasher” like boudoir shoot.  Except we would be discreet about what we we’re doing and more classy.

From Marlee’s red hair, to the black fur coat paired with the black eye makeup, to the Super Top Secret location, and the cigarette T’Ann walked up to a stranger and offered to pay  for to give our last look a more laid back sultry feel, this shoot was a dream. Thank you for being so fabulous T’Ann and Ericka!  I love bringing things to life with you ladies.  And Marlee, thanks for being brave enough to run around downtown Salt Lake in lingerie.  I am so obsessed!

Makeup: T’Ann Payne
Hair:  Ericka Dowsett
Photo shoot design: T’Ann Payne & Amy Cloud Photography

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