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My first big extended family!  Such a fun group!  We laughed a lot, we had awkward moments on trying to figure out posing for such a big group!  Lot’s of different ages, height’s,  lots of teasing me!  We had fun though and I’m so glad I got to meet this family.  It’s been such an easy transition for me moving to this town.  Every one has been so friendly and welcoming.  I love it.  I get emails on a daily basis– “Hi Amy,  my cousins, dad’s, wife knows your father-in-law,” or, “my sister’s, fiance’s, brother works with your husband.”  I can’t help but smile when I get these emails.  Makes me think of my small little town where every one seems like a family.

This group was nothing short of welcoming!  I felt like I’d known them for years! 

A huge “thanks” to the Hunt/Manzanares fam for such a fun session!  I’m so glad to know you and even happier to have captured some amazing shots of your beautiful group! 

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