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Tia & Bo : Utah Engagement Photographer

Posted on September 23, 2014

If you don’t believe in love, let these two prove you wrong…

“He waited until the perfect moment to propose, it was after a long day at work. We were in the kitchen making dinner, just chatting about our day. All of a sudden I turned around and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in the world in his hands. My ring is black pearls, rose gold and white gold, with a blue diamond.  He asked if I would marry him and I just started squealing and swearing… I couldn’t believe it!  After few minutes, he asked if I had actually said yes and I said, “Of course!!! Duh!” He’d had more extravagant plans in mind, but after a long work day, he realized that everything that mattered in the world was at home making dinner for him…”

Did you swoon like I did?? And really that ring!! Love it!  I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking!

2014-09-22_00012014-09-22_00022014-09-22_0003 2014-09-22_0004 2014-09-22_0005 2014-09-22_0006 2014-09-22_0007 2014-09-22_0008 2014-09-22_0009 2014-09-22_0010 2014-09-22_0011 2014-09-22_0012 2014-09-22_0013 2014-09-22_0014 2014-09-22_0015 2014-09-22_0016 2014-09-22_0017 2014-09-22_0018 2014-09-22_0019 2014-09-22_0020 2014-09-22_0021 2014-09-22_0022 2014-09-22_0023 2014-09-22_0024 2014-09-22_0025 2014-09-22_0026 2014-09-22_0027 2014-09-22_0028 2014-09-22_0029 2014-09-22_0030 2014-09-22_0031 2014-09-22_0032 2014-09-22_0033 2014-09-22_0034 2014-09-22_0035
If you want to shoot your engagement session in my all white, natural light studio, be sure to let me know upon booking.

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Feature on Wedding Chicks

Posted on September 23, 2014

 I am so excited and honored that  one of the top wedding blogs out there,Wedding Chicks chose one of my favorite sessions as one of their top 10 favorite tattooed brides!!! Happy dance!!  Go check it out:



Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 1.55.22 PM

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Payne Family : Utah Family Photographer

Posted on September 22, 2014

Probably my favorite family session to date.  Where kids got to be kids and family loved rather than posed! I want to shoot more family sessions like this.  I love the honesty in these images.  So much joy!  My little heart is so happy about these!!  Love you Payne family!!!

2014-09-21_00012014-09-21_0002 2014-09-21_0003 2014-09-21_0004 2014-09-21_0005 2014-09-21_0006 2014-09-21_0007 2014-09-21_0008 2014-09-21_0009 2014-09-21_0010 2014-09-21_0011 2014-09-21_0012 2014-09-21_0013 2014-09-21_0014 2014-09-21_0015 2014-09-21_0016 2014-09-21_0017 2014-09-21_0018 2014-09-21_0019 2014-09-21_0020 2014-09-21_0021 2014-09-21_0022 2014-09-21_0023 2014-09-21_0024 2014-09-21_0025 2014-09-21_0026 2014-09-21_0027 2014-09-21_0028 2014-09-21_0029 2014-09-21_0030 2014-09-21_0031

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