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Candace : Paris Photographer

Posted on August 19, 2015

While in Paris this last May teaching a workshop, we stayed in this amazing flat with the most charming and beautiful hallway. The light was so amazing and I loved the simplicity of the space. Old and a little run down but an amazing little vignette to shoot in.  I photographed Candace in this gorgeous dress made by Natalie Wynn Design at the Eiffel Tower but something about this hallway kept begging me to shoot her here. I love these. They are just so simple and beautiful and show that no matter how small the space, you can create something magical.  I miss this little flat. I miss Paris. But word on the street is Partyography Workshops may be going back to teach again in the near future.

Paris Wedding Photographer 001 Paris Wedding Photographer 002 Paris Wedding Photographer 003 Paris Wedding Photographer 004 Paris Wedding Photographer 005 Paris Wedding Photographer 006 Paris Wedding Photographer 007 Paris Wedding Photographer 008 Paris Wedding Photographer 009 Paris Wedding Photographer 010 Paris Wedding Photographer 011 Paris Wedding Photographer 012 Paris Wedding Photographer 013 Paris Wedding Photographer 014 Paris Wedding Photographer 015

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Natasha : Utah Bridal Photographer

Posted on August 16, 2015

I won’t lie, I may have squealed a little when Natasha showed up to her bridal shoot wearing purple lipstick!! Hello, anything to step outside of the bridal norm.  I also LOVE that she let me choose the first location for her shoot.  She told me she was cool with edgy so I spent a morning driving around looking for something completely different than I’ve seen any other photographer in Utah do.  I am obsessed with he green plants and industrial type feel… OBSESSED!!!

Thank you for trusting me Natasha! So glad I can share these after having to wait nearly a month!

Utah Bridal Photographer 001 Utah Bridal Photographer 002 Utah Bridal Photographer 003 Utah Bridal Photographer 004 Utah Bridal Photographer 005 Utah Bridal Photographer 006 Utah Bridal Photographer 008Utah Bridal Photographer 007 Utah Bridal Photographer 009 Utah Bridal Photographer 010 Utah Bridal Photographer 011 Utah Bridal Photographer 014Utah Bridal Photographer 012 Utah Bridal Photographer 013 Utah Bridal Photographer 015

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So much more to come from this wedding. Stay tuned..

omaha wedding photographer 1
omaha wedding photographer 2

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