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New Brand

Posted on April 20, 2015

Hello and Happy Monday! So, I rebranded recently. And I am so excited about it. I know I had rebranded just a couple of years back but I have really evolved since then. Not until a year and a half ago did I really discover what I wanted out of photography as far as aesthetic. I mean, I always want to capture love and take a more romantic approach with my imagery. But one shoot really spoke to me (the bride with the dark purple hair and the black and white striped top dress with the ballgown skirt–> here) and I knew then that I wanted to photograph a more individualist type soul. Those who march to the beat of their own drum, and wear who they are on the inside on the outside as well. I love the more alternative look. It speaks to me. Like these people have got things figured out and really know who they are.   They are confidant. They love art and music. They really seem to appreciate what I’m doing and that means more to me than anything else in my job. Maybe I’m dreaming up some stereotype but really this is what I have found in the last couple of years. I’ve made friends with my couples and I am so happy doing what I’m doing. I feel like I’ve really figured out what I want and I decided a change was definitely needed. Something that looked more edgy and raw yet simple. I wanted a brand that matched most of my clients but at the same time matched myself. I had this thought to create something that looked handwritten. Like if I were at a concert (you all know I love live music) and someone asked me for my business card but I didn’t take my purse inside so I found a fat Sharpie marker and wrote my name and number on their arm. As far as colors, I knew I wanted black and adding in the orange and red tones to mimic my wild hair was just the kick in the pants the overall look needed!

I hired Jess Kasteler of Blush Creative Studio. She came up with this amazing dream board and created quite a few options based on what I was looking for.  This is what I settled on and am I so stoked!  Thank you Jess!!

mood board

So am I still photographing weddings of not so alternative clients?  Absolutely! I might just try and talk you into shooting at some crazy and hip, not of the norm location for one of your engagement session spots :)  Have a great week and a huge thank you to everyone who continues to support and build me up along the way! I couldn’t do what I love without you!

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Katie : Mazatlan Wedding Photographer

Posted on April 18, 2015

A simple white gauzy dress and the gorgeous backdrop of Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan makes the perfect combination for some pretty bridal inspired portraits.  This is my sister. Isn’t she gorgeous?!  We spent 15 minutes on this shoot and I love how these turned out.

2015-04-18_00012015-04-18_0002 2015-04-18_0003 2015-04-18_0004 2015-04-18_0006 2015-04-18_0007 2015-04-18_0008 2015-04-18_0009 2015-04-18_0010 2015-04-18_0012 2015-04-18_0013 2015-04-18_0014 2015-04-18_0016 2015-04-18_0017 2015-04-18_0019

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Beatrice : Utah Boudoir Photographer

Posted on April 13, 2015

Instagram is an amazing thing! I have met so many people and have gained so much business from the little phone app.  Beatrice and I became Insta friends a couple of years ago and I’ve always loved her vibe. This woman is crazy cool and has such a rad style. Known as @thegraveyardgirl Ive always wanted to work with her but it wasn’t until the day that she had posted a shot of her new yellow bob that I contacted her to shoot. Don’t get me wrong, she was gorgeous before but I found this dress the day prior and really had no idea how I could shoot it.  Fast forward 24 hours and her Insta selfie was the answer. We met up the next day, she tried it on, and we started planning! I worked with two of my favorites on this shoot,  T’Ann on makeup and Rebecca on flowers. These ladies are insane and really helped pull everything together.

I insisted Beatrice bring one of her keyboards. The girl is insanely talented and I love photographing people who are super passionate about something with whatever it is they are passionate about. One of my fav shoots to date. I love doing shoots for myself sometimes

Makeup: T’Ann Payne Makeup Artistry
Flowers: The Magnolia Flower Company

2015-04-13_0001 2015-04-13_0002 2015-04-13_0003 2015-04-13_0004 2015-04-13_0006 2015-04-13_0007 2015-04-13_0008 2015-04-13_0009 2015-04-20_00012015-04-13_0011 2015-04-13_0012 2015-04-20_00182015-04-13_0014 2015-04-20_0019 2015-04-20_00202015-04-13_00162015-04-13_0018 2015-04-13_0019

2015-04-13_00202015-04-20_0002 2015-04-20_0003 2015-04-20_0004 2015-04-20_0005 2015-04-20_0006 2015-04-20_0007 2015-04-20_0008 2015-04-20_0009 2015-04-20_0010 2015-04-20_0011 2015-04-20_0012 2015-04-20_0013 2015-04-20_0014 2015-04-20_0015 2015-04-20_0016 2015-04-20_0017

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